I just received the above video for Atlanta singer and activist Anye Elite‘s single, “All That Matters,” from his 2009 debut Steamy Windows.. The song is solid and a good follow-up to his first single, “I Got Him.”

The video — well, it’s a bit cheeky and homemade but with some quality finish. He works the sexy, sultry stuff a bit too much and the video works just a little too hard to make him Usher or Justin. But you can’t blame him for trying. While the video isn’t perfect, I think it gives some sense that Elite could have crossover potential. His sound is radio-friendly but his gay boldness is oh-so refreshing.

I do love that Elite got maximum use from his bubble bath scenes. Not only were they part of the video, it was the locale for this interview.индексирование сайта в гугл