These Christmas carolers go way gay according to

OK, I’m kinda miffed because I was all ready to poll the office for a list of uber-gay holiday songs but the clever peeps at beat me to it. They posted the Gayest Christmas Songs with some funny surprises. Bon Jovi? Really? Yes, really.

Then they follow it up with the 100 Greatest, Gayest Albums of All-Time as named by a list of a 100+ celebrity judges. Boy George, Cyndi Lauper and John Cameron Mitchell are just among the few celebs weighing in on the list. They also select a Critics’ Picks of their personal top 10 albums that made them who they are today.

Out was ready for anyone getting pissed about what didn’t make the list (like me). Just share your thoughts and they might make it worth your while.

Out is offering readers a chance to win the top 20 albums on the list! Simply leave a comment about the story stating a choice for “The Greatest, Gayest Album (of All Time)” and why that album is tops. All entries must be in by midnight on December 25, 2009. Five random entries will be selected, and each winner will receive all 20 albums.

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