Debra Gloria's inner stalker comes out of the closet tonight's "Eyes Wide Shut" show at Chi.Debra Gloria’s inner stalker comes out of the closet at tonight’s “Eyes Wide Shut” show.

Although we mentioned tonight’s art show at Chi Studio before, another reason to check out “Eyes Wide Shut” (minus the free drinks) would be local photographer Debra Gloria. She’ll have two collections that should challenge you as well as give you a chill.

She’ll be showing works from her collection “Underneath My Clothes” where she has photographed three lesbian women who each battle their own demons. Gloria captures the scary essence of battling cancer, eating disorders and self-mutilation with a sensitivity that paints a strong picture of their pain. At the same time, the photos have an unusual yet stylized aesthetic that you won’t be able to move your eyes away from.

Her second collection, “Green Doesn’t Mean Go,” puts Gloria in the position of a stalker. “It’s really demented. I’ve always been very safe so this is different for me,” she said. This collection, she said, truly defines the word “exposure.” So if you see a Latina lady with a camera following you, just figure it’s for art’s sake.

Also on tonight’s bill will be Jeffrey Noble, Maria Olivas, Valerie Guignon and others. There will even be live belly dancing. How often do you get that outside of Al-Amir?siteпродвижение сайта по звонкам