By Arnold Wayne Jones Life+Style Editor

Last year, Out Takes Dallas went to a monthly format instead of the week-long festival, but that doesn’t mean they decided not to hand out award for excellence.

The winners for this year’s list will be announced in September, but here’s the exclusive list of nominees, which includes a change in format from previous years:

Instead of best actor and best actress, awards will be handed out for best leading performance and best supporting performance (male or female).

Best narrative feature: "Boystown," "Drool," "Were the World Mine."

Best narrative short
: "Babysitting Andy," "Berated Woman," "Love is Love."

Best documentary film (feature or short): "Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-Gay Movement," "The Bond," "I Just Wanted to Be Somebody," "An Island Calling."

Best leading performance in a feature: Thea Gill, "Mulligans: The Movie," Laura Harring, "Drool," "Pepon Nieto, "Boystown," Sheetal Sheth, "The World Unseen," Ashley Duggan Smith, "Drool," Justin Tensen, "Between Love & Goodbye."

Best supporting performance in a feature: Derek James, "Mulligans: The Movie," Jill Marie Jones, "Drool," Rose Maria Sarda, "Boystown," Charlie Schlatter, "Out at the Wedding," Concha Velasco, "Boystown."сайтчто такое тиц и pr сайта