Photo courtesy of Union Jack

Of course some Pan Am flight attendants were working for the CIA, Miguel Flores said.

“We were the only American airline flying to Moscow everyday,” he said.

Flores was a Pan Am pilot before his division was purchased by United Airlines, where he continued his career. (For complete disclosure purposes, I also share a house with him.)

He said rumors of spies working for the company were common at the airline. His comments came as we were watching this week’s episode of ABC’s new hit gay-show-without-any-actual-gay-characters, Pan Am.

He didn’t think flight crews were diverted to fly all over Asia picking up a camera in one city to deliver in another as shown in Sunday’s episode. But he does think papers were slipping in and out of the Soviet Union because, at the time, flight attendants were given little scrutiny coming and going — even at Sheremetyeva Airport in Moscow.

Not only is Pan Am a hit on TV, but it’s also a hit on Cedar Springs Road. Union Jack just got in a new shipment of Pan Am flight bags that it expects to sell out immediately. And Pan Am stewardesses (they weren’t flight attendants yet when Flores flew for them) are expected to be seen all over the street on Halloween this year.