“Sordid Lives” creator Del Shores and his hubby, Jason Dottley, are so West Hollywood. During the writer’s strike, Shores relocated to Shreveport, La., to shoot the TV series of his beloved play-turned-movie, which will eventually air LOGO.

Anyway, Shores and Dottley are back in WeHo, where Dallas Voice’s on-line video personality Gus Klein recently visited them. And the star-power of this threesome must have been intense because a paparazzi photo agency caught them during a sunny stroll.

But then a superfreak totally stole their sidewalk thunder: She was working a cheetah-print parasol, a leopard-print do-rag and black moon boots that would make Napoleon Dynamite jealous.

Click here for more pics — including the sidewalk superfreak.

— Daniel A. Kusner

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