Jose Reyes is not kidding that the DSO’s kickoff gala will be over the top. The event is hosted by conductor Jaap van Zweden’s daughter Anna-Sophia and they’ve commissioned designer extraordinaire Todd Fiscus, pictured, to create the lush look and transport partygoers back to 18th century Europe.

Fiscus’ design concept for the event is described as an “elegant interpretation of Beethoven’s garden with rich greenery, treelike decor and soft tonal florals.”  With some creative lighting, the ceiling will recall the night sky. This doesn’t sound like an after-party as much as it does a dreamy oasis.

Don’t fall for it. There is still a party to be had and van Zweden won’t let you forget that. She hosts two “star bars” throughout the evening. In the first, DJ Lucy Wrubel will provide the dance tunes. In bar No. 2, they go live with local band Goga providing the live music.
Already the Dallas Symphony Orchestra is making an impression on the gat community.

— R.L.

Meyerson Symphony Center, 2301 Flora St. Sep. 11 at 10:30 p.m. $150. 214-692-0203.