By Ben Briscoe

2-day event to fight AIDS aims to boost participation in its 8th year

The Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS will kick off it’s 2008 season with a party Sunday, June 1 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Salum Restaurant, 4152 Cole Ave.

There will be complimentary hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar and musical entertainment by local pop-rock band Lovie.

Event organizer David Minehart says the kickoff party is about generating interest over the ride, but it has another benefit.

"We get the Lone Star Ride family together after several months of not seeing each other. Not to sound cliché, but it can be touching," Minehart said.

The party also helps to increase the number of riders registered for the two-day bike ride Sept. 27 and 28. So far, the event has 98 riders and 57 crew members signed on, but to meet the goal of 125 riders, Minehart hopes to register at least 25 more this weekend.

"We are doing good, about the same place we were in last year," he said.

But Minehart wants to see the ride surpass last year.

"We’ve been at this for eight years now, and we’ve always hovered around the 100-rider number. We believe the ride has much more potential than that, and we are looking to substantially increase that in the next couple of years," he said.

To help cross the threshold, Lone Star Ride is offering two-for-one registration, a savings of $75.

If you’re interested in participating, call Minehart at 214-521-2412 or head to Sunday’s party.

"Come, if nothing else, it is going to be a wonderful party. If you’ve not heard the band Lovie perform, you’re missing out and now is the time to make up for it. They’re a great band," Minehart said. "And if nothing else come because it is going to be a great party that’s a lot of fun. You’ll meet some great people and probably end up in love with the ride."

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 30, 2008.обслуживание сайта яндекс