Here’s a Baptist news agency’s take on the protest last Sunday outside First Baptist Church of Dallas. The story from the Associated Baptist Press notes that FBC wasn’t the only Baptist church targeted. Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., also was the site of a protest. Also, FBC Pastor Robert Jeffress gives us a preview of this week’s sermon:

In his next sermon, scheduled for Nov. 16, Jeffress said he planned to talk about the question of sexual orientation. “Is it fixed forever, or can it be changed?” he asked. “And what do you say to a friend or a family member who comes to you and says, ‘I believe God made me gay?’ We’re going to continue next time five more myths about homosexuality. I hope you’ll be here.”

UPDATE: The comments thread continues to grow on my original post about the protest at First Baptist, with people on both sides of the issue weighing in on a daily basis. Read the comments by going here.чат онлаинпродвижение сайта по трафику