Former Dallas Voice staffer David Webb just alerted me to this column he wrote in 2007, about a transgender woman who claimed she was fired from Pastor Robert Jeffress’ old church in Wichita Falls, where she’d worked as a custodian. Terri Beth Richeson told Webb she didn’t understand why the business administrator at First Baptist Church of Wichita Falls kept telling her not to wear make-up — especially since Jeffress wore make-up himself.

“The pastor wore a lot of make-up,” Richeson said. “I’ve got pictures of his make-up. I got a call one day from another employee who said, ‘You’ve got to come down to his office. He’s got his make-up all laid out.’ … It wasn’t the kind of make-up I wear. It was Clinique. It was real expensive make-up. I’m not sure it was just for Sundays and television. But that may have been what it was for.”siteпланирование стимулирование сбыта