Pastor Joey Faust of Kingdom Baptist Church
Pastor Joey Faust of Kingdom Baptist Church

I just received an e-mail from Pastor Joey Faust with this title: “Fundamentalists invite more homosexuals to their own advertised protest.”

I am not sure if Pastor Faust is inviting LGBT people to the protest planned by LGBT people outside the Fort Worth City Hall on Tuesday, or if he means LGBT people are invited to the protest his own group is planning. Since I am not sure, I am just going to let Pastor Faust speak for himself. Here’s his e-mail:

“Fundamentalist street preachers are organizing with signs, banners and voices, on Tuesday, at the Fort Worth City Council meeting. We are looking forward to the opportunity to preach to homosexuals about the exceeding wickedness and perversion of sodomy. We plan to awaken their natural light of conscience (against immorality) that they have labored hard to suppress. We will also be preaching on the distinction between the temporary ceremonial law, and the timeless, moral commandments (such as prohibitions against sodomy, bestiality, etc.), revealed in the Bible. We will also show from the Scriptures that there is a distinction between the least of the commandments, and the great commandments. There are greater sins (mruder, fornication, adultery, sodomy, witchcraft, etc.), and lesser sins such as failing to tithe, etc. (Matthew 5:19-20, John 19:11, etc.). It is possible we will also have a radical, ex-homosexual to testify with us about how Jesus can gloriously change anyone. We do hope many homosexuals will attend this protest!

“Recently, a few of us countered the homosexual ‘kiss in’ in Fort Worth. A few years ago, we organized ‘Protest Gay Day,’ and protested the so-called ‘gay day’ at the Ranger stadium. Since this time, other Christians (male and female) have been motivated to warn homosexuals of their coming judgment. Even if they have believed on Jesus for forgiveness of sins eternally, God still punishes sin in this life, and during the coming 1000 year Kingdom. Therefore, the homosexuals that have really believed in Jesus, will still burn in hell 1000 years during this Kingdom. Those who do not believe in Jesus, will of course burn forever, like all unbelievers. However, sins like sodomy cause people to have a hotter torment.

“As independent, fundamental Baptists, we historically believe in freedom of expression and religious liberty. As the famous American historian has documented: ‘Freedom of conscience, unlimited freedom of mind, was from the first the trophy of the Baptists.’ Likewise, John Locke wrote: ‘The Baptists were the first propounders of absolute liberty, just and true liberty, equal and impartial liberty.’ Therefore, let it be plainly stated that we have no desire to limit anyone’s right to proclaim their views. But it appears that many in the homosexual community believe that ‘freedom of expression’ means that everyone else must agree with their views, and their sinful lifestyle! They believe that if they are publicly opposed, this means that they are being denied their freedom. To many in this community, ‘toleration’ means everyone must applaud them. This was brought out plainly on Sunday evening in downtown Fort Worth. As a group from our church countered their own, public protest, the homosexuals present began to shout that we were breaking the First Amendment! How quick they are to play the ‘victim.’ Interestingly, when questioned about other perversions such as pedophilia and bestiality, these particular homosexuals stated on Sunday night that such groups should be denied equal rights!

“Sincerely, Pastor Joey Faust”

Pastor Faust’s e-mail to me did not include the name of his church, but I did find a Web page for Kingdom Baptist Church in Venus, Texas , with Joey Faust as pastor. He is also, apparently, the author of a book called “The Rod: Will God Spare It?’ The Web site has pages outlining what the church’s beliefs are and links to Faust’s sermons, both in audio and video format. Just in case anyone wants to study up before Tuesday night.копирайтинг текста онлайнтехнология продвижение сайта