The other day I received a handwritten letter on church stationery (shown above) from Senior Pastor Ronald Scates of Highland Park Presbyterian Church. Scates apparently decided to write the letter after I called him “homophobic” on this blog last week. Scates’ letter came inside an envelope that also contained a copy of a newsletter from an “ex-gay” group, Regeneration Ministries of Baltimore, Md. In case you’re interested, I found a copy of the same newsletter online here. Since his handwriting is barely legible, I’ve transcribed Scates’ note below. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to respond to him if at all, so I was hoping you’d help by posting your suggestions in the comments. Also, here’s a link to Scates’ bio on the church’s Web site.


I am not “afraid of the same” (that is what “homophobic” literally means), nor afraid of folks who have same-sex attraction. I only want God’s best for them. I have been taken into the world of homosexual sex (and heterosexual sex outside of marriage) and have witnessed the self-destructiveness that is rampant whenever we use our bodies contrary to the way God has made us. I hope you will be open-minded enough to read the enclosed. If I didn’t think you were a valuable person, if I was truly bigoted, hateful, I didn’t care about you … I wouldn’t bother to write.

There is a way out … a way back toward the center of God’s will … both for you and for me (because we’re both in the same sinful boat). I’ve witnessed that firsthand as well.

Don’t give up on God’s best for your life. I promise you that I wont either.

In Christ,

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