Patty, Logan, Charlotte and Carrie Breckenridge

In the current issue of Dallas Voice, I have a story about Carrie Breckenridge, who took up yoga again to keep in shape after the birth of her second child. What I didn’t mention was that Carrie and her wife Patty are getting married … again.

I first attended the wedding of both exactly six years ago Sunday — indeed, I will never forget the date, because who gets married on a Sunday? And who gets married on — gasp!Oscar Sunday? In the gay community? On an evening?!?!

Well, they are doing it again.

Carrie and Patty’s first ceremony was for family and friends only; it took place in Texas, and therefore did not have the sanction of state law. But when they re-up this Sunday — once again, on Feb. 22; once again, on Oscar Sunday — it will be in New Mexico, and entirely legal. And this time, they have two children (and plans for a third).

This time, I was not invited to the ceremony, so I will sit home and watch the Oscar live, instead of catching them on DVR delay. But I suspect Carrie and Patty won’t remember who won best picture or what was the upset in best actor. They have other memories of Feb. 22.