Last week Dallas Voice published profiles of 36 people whom we believe will be “Future Pioneers” in the local LGBT community. Now, one of those pioneers, Elizabeth Pax, is proposing a meeting of all 36 Future Pioneers in June to discuss Dallas LGBT issues. Pax, organizer for Join The Impact-Dallas and ambassador for Queer Liberaction, said she thinks a lack of unity and communication is one of the biggest things holding the local community back. Here’s the message she sent me, including her contact info:

Dear fellow “Future Pioneers,”
I’m Elizabeth Pax. It is fantastic that we are all fighting the same fight in the same community … wouldn’t it be even more fantastic if we fought together? I think one of the greatest things holding the Dallas LGBT community back is lack of unity and communication. I propose that we future pioneers take the first step in uniting our LGBT community! Let’s all meet up sometime in the next month to open lines of communication.  I think we should have an informal meeting to network, talk about Dallas LGBT issues, and begin to support each other in our fight. We are a diverse group comprised of all ages, races, genders, and queer identities. We also employ many different strategies and have many different levels of experience. Let’s come together and support each other!
If you are with me please e-mail me directly at I think we should meet sometime in June. Please let me know what your schedules look like so I can try to pick a time and date that suits our schedules.
I am looking forward to passionately fighting for the betterment of the LGBT community in Dallas with you all!!
Elizabeth Pax
JTI-Dallas City Organizer
Queer Liberaction Ambassador
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