Summer is the season for Peaches — and we mean that with a capital P — as the bawdy artist brings her gender-smashing electronica hip-hop to Dallas. Expect her to revisit classics like "Impeach My Bush" and "Fuck the Pain Away," but her fourth album, "I Feel Cream," plays with a more subtle nature. Are we seeing a softer side of the audacious artist?

The 40 year-old former elementary school teacher may be finding her inner sophisticate with "Cream." Released in May, it is a tad surprising to hear a more slickly produced CD against tunes that rely less on the in-your-face declarations of sexual freedom that have become her trademark. Music site described the album as "given to rare moments of vulnerability." Her fans are used to her waxing bluntly poetic about nontraditional gender roles, as seen in 2003’s "Fatherfucker," but here she plays with a psychological tenderness as she sings about a strained relationship in "Lose You" or belts out "Talk To Me" to her lover who has a habit of avoidance.

But Peaches doesn’t abandon her fan base totally; that would run the risk of completely alienating them and thus denying them the pleasure of her girl power that puts men (and sometimes women) in their place, turns them around and spits them back out. She continues to have no qualms about being a sexual aggressive with "Billionaire" and "Mommy Complex." She uses the word "mangina" and raps about date rape in these ditties. Seriously.

Despite the softer territory she is exploring with "I Feel Cream," her unique edge remains evident. And thanks to the powers of YouTube, her current live show is still looking like a lascivious circus of hip-hopped sex.

Clearly, Peaches hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, she may have just arrived. Again.

— Rich Lopez

Peaches plays with Drums of Death at Granada Theater, 3524 Greenville Ave. June 12. Doors at 8 p.m. $20.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition June 12, 2009.
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