Scott Sherman

Scott Sherman

After seeing our post about Waco adding LGBT protections, openly gay Pearland City Councilman Scott Sherman sent us word that the Houston suburb has also changed its polices.

At Sherman’s request, the council discussed adding sexual orientation to the city’s Equal Employment Opportunity policy and same-sex partners to its bereavement leave policy on July 1. The changes passed unanimously a week later.

“Pearland is the third-largest city in the Houston region and we employ over 500 people,” Sherman said. “While I was not aware of a specific instance where someone was discriminated against in either the hiring process or during their employment with the city, it was important to me that we add sexual orientation to our Equal Employment Opportunity provisions because if we are going to be a progressive city and a regional leader we need to treat all employees and potential employees fairly. Moreover, it is just the right thing to do.

“I have also pushed for a revision to our bereavement policy because as I stated during the council workshop, the death of a longtime partner is equally as painful as the death of a legally recognized spouse,” Sherman said. “I want to commend my fellow council members who wholeheartedly supported my proposed revisions to our employment policies. The proposals were accepted without any opposition.  I am honored to be able to serve with a group of people who are willing to stand up for equality.”

To watch video of the council workshop, go here. The discussion starts at 2:08:35.

Sherman also sent a newspaper clipping from the Pearland Reporter News about the changes, below.

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