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XSR:Die! takes place backstage at a Broadway theatre. It’s opening night of a new play by famed playwright, Clayton Farrell. The tyrannical director, Douglas Mallory, wants to make a last-minute change to the climactic scene of the play. A shot rings out and someone falls dead! Fortunately for the killer, Harry Hunsacker (would-be actor turned would-be detective) has stumbled into the wrong theatre, and things just get a lot more complicated!

Living Black & White™ is a technique developed at Pegasus Theatre which through the use of trade-secret makeup, special lighting, meticulous costuming and set creation, combined with stylized acting creates the illusion that the audience is watching—not just a play—but a 1930’s-40’s black-and-white movie brought to life on stage!

DEETS: Eisemann Center for Performing Arts and Corporate Presentations, 2351 Performance Drive, Richardson. 8 p.m. Tickets available here.