I just got back from a media tour of the Perot Museum of Science and Nature, the Borg Cube-ish structure fronting Woodall Rodgers, and I’ll tell you, the building is impressive. The external escalator will be a hit, and the fourth floor dinosaur room is gonna wow people. There’ll even be a cafe operated by Wolfgang Puck, and a separate entrance for schoolchildren to keep them segregated from those of us who don’t scream and sneeze on our sleeves. (Anymore.)

But what made the tour especially interesting was, I was one of only two gay men (I know of) in the press corps. And since the other was style diva Steve Kemble, it naturally follows I would ask him the most important question of the day: How do you dress for a construction site tour and remain fabulous.

Steve managed it. And here’s what he said:

Steve Kemble's construction site chic look

In vest. “I wore a Louis Vuitton scarf to counteract the attention from this awful reflective vest,” he said. The neck wrap was subtle, but added a stylish flare around the neck.

You can’t avoid hat head. Attendees were required to wear hard hats, so a smash up-do wasn’t possible. But there was an upside. “I have to give props to the Perot people for adding color to the hats, Kemble said, “instead of those dreadful, boring white ones.” Also, the hats weren’t visibly scuffed. We considered stealing them.

These boots were made for walking. The pre-tour press info was very specific: Long pants and no open-toe shoes or heels. Ugh, said Kemble. “I hate not being in heels,” he sighed. But not to worry: He made up for it with a pair of Gucci chocolate leather boots worn over the jean so everyone could see fashion and recognize it. “I was not going to wear those boring work boots!” he insisted. (P.S. I was wearing Timberland boots … pretty much what Kemble pooh-poohed.)

Have a belt. Finally, a studded stacked leather belt from Versace completed the ensemble. “I can hang tools from this!” Kemble said. Yeah, Steve, we’re not sure a crimping iron counts as a tool…