So how is this for a break? The Resource Center Dallas’ Phil Johnson Historic Archives and Research Library has begun an amnesty program for overdue items . Until Nov. 15, any items can be returned without a late fee. Because basically, they need their inventory back. The library states they have “186 items on file overdue by a month or more.”

“We’ve seen an increase in the past few months of books, videos, CDs and DVDs that aren’t being returned to the library,” said Sandy Swan, librarian of the Phil Johnson Historic Archives and Research Library. “We realize it’s easy for folks to forget about what they check out, or maybe they’ve moved. This is an easy way for them to return our books and media without emptying their wallets.”

Now that’s putting it nicely. The library’s collection includes over 7,000 LGBT related book titles, movies, music CDs and magazines. Well, minus 186 of them anyway. After Nov. 15, all bets are off though for any deadbeats.сайтразработка продающего сайта