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Phil Robertson, speaking Sunday, Jan. 31, at an Iowa rally for Ted Cruz. (Video from CNN International.)

Ted Cruz won the day in Iowa as far as the Republican caucuses go, and he did so with pledges to turn back the clock on things like LGBT rights and to restore this country to the Judeo-Christian traditions he claims it was built on.

His good ol’ duck-hunting buddy Phil Robertson, the gay-hating right-wing patriarch of TV’s Duck Dynasty clan, showed up at a rally in Iowa on Sunday, Jan. 31, to help put Cruz over the top in the Hawkeye State. And he did it in fine homophobic style, telling the crowd that “depravity” led to “redefining marriage,” which is “nonsense! It’s evil. It’s wicked, it’s sinful”

Then Robertson declared, “We have to run this bunch out of Washington, D.C., rid the earth of ’em.”

And that’s where he crossed the line. That’s the point at which Robertson stained in hands in the blood of LGBT people who will be injured or killed by maniacs whipped into a frenzy by the anti-gay exhortations of people like him, like Cruz.

Watch it for yourself: