I actually saw this via Mercy for Animals‘ Eddie Garza. Up until now, I had no idea what the Phoenix Project Collective was until I read their mini-bio on their Myspace.

Phoenix Project Collective is an Unincorporated Non-Profit Association aiming to serve Dallas’ progressive art and music scene, as well as promote health/well-being, solidarity, and education to our community. All Phoenix Project Collective events are organized and facilitated on a volunteer basis by our members in our Collective space. All monies accepted on behalf of the Phoenix Project Collective are used to sustain and improve our Collective Space and the community it serves.

I have to say, not being of the female persuasion, I’m kinda jealous of this event. The live music, self-defense and Spiral Diner catering is already enough reason to check this out. And Dude Nukem in drag? Kind of stellar. Admittedly, my envy screeches to a halt at the DIY Birth Control.

As you can see by the poster, Femme Fest happens June 26 and 27 here.