Okay. I have sorted through my photos from the protests outside the Fairmont today as Alaska governor and Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin was inside for a fundraiser, and I am posting some of my favorites here.

But first, here’s my take on the protests both for and against Gov. Palin:

I’d say that the crowds on both side of the Palin polarity line were about the same size, but I think the anti-Palin folks may have been a tad bit louder. There is no doubt, though, that the most creative signs and slogans were on the anti-Palin side.

Check ’em out, after the jump.


Bullwinkle has his say.


Read the yellow sign in the middle.


I am pretty sure Palin is better looking than Cheney in drag.


The hockey mom contingent?


As the Wilson sisters said, calling Palin a barracuda is not a compliment (left), and
it looks like some folks attending the luncheon made their own signs (right).


As I said, the anti-Palin signs were more creative.


These young women caught my eye with the slogan on their shirts.


One protester says thanks but no thanks to that “bridge to nowhere” (left), and
another simply calls for equality (right).


And maybe their choice of lipstick colors?


Plano youth for Palin. Wasn’t Friday a school day?


Waving the flag for the Republican ticket.

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