I, your rambling transgentleman, spent my Saturday morning at the Galleria inside LUSH Cosmetics for their “Kiss and Tell” protest. And by protest, they mean having a bunch of people kiss at the same time in support of same-sex marriage.

The front half of the store was all decked out for the event, complete with a lip-prepping station and postcard table, where the couples can send postcards with a pre-written message to the federal government telling them to end discrimination against same-sex couples. They’re sending postcards until June 22, so make sure to get in and sign one!

The lip-prepping station included a castor sugar lip scrub in the flavor of your choice (which you lick off; I had the mint-flavored scrub and it was quite tasty) and a scented lip balm, one of which was bright red — naturally, I opted out of the tinted one.

In addition to the complimentary lip pampering, LUSH is selling their limited-edition Freedom Bubble Bars, which sort of look like giant, glittery, green Hershey’s kisses. They smell like lime and grapefruit and make your bath water shimmery and aromatic. The bars are $5.95, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to Freedom to Marry’s Why Marriage Matters” campaign.

Sadly there weren’t too many people at the Galleria location for the event, but I got a few shots of couples taking part in the big smooch.

LUSH is selling their Freedom Foamer Bubble bar online and in stores for a limited time. Who doesn’t want green, sparkly, citrusy bath water?

If you missed out on the Kiss and Tell, never fear: You can send in your picture of you locking lips with your partner to LUSH on their website.  Just write a little ditty about why you support the campaign and you’re good to go.

More pics below.