Recognize the lindecker on the left? Sure you do — it’s none other than Dallas Voice classified account manager Chance Browning. Chance says the photo of him and his friend Andrew Phifer was taken March 11 in Dallas at the Women’s Health Express — a stop on the Planned Parenthood bus tour protesting the state’s War on Women decision to cut off funding for the Women’s Health Program. The photo has been picked up among others by “It’s ok to be Takei,” a Facebook page protesting Tennessee’s “don’t say gay” bill with more than 47,000 followers —  and as of this morning it had been shared some 2,147 times. Oh yeah, and in case you’re wondering, the photo in Chance’s left hand is of another friend, local actress Danielle Pickard, holding a sign at a previous rally saying, “I cannot believe I still have to protest this shit!”