Go pro or DIY photography for your house on the market?

RICH LOPEZ | Contributing Writer
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These days, everyone is a photographer… or perhaps “fauxtographer.” Whether it’s a high-end camera bundle purchased for a bargain on Black Friday or the iPhone X’s incredibly powerful lens, the majority of folks are likely ready to point and shoot. But what does that mean for your house when putting it on the market?

“Photos are the most important part of your marketing to drive a buyer to the home,” Realtor Mohammed Nour Jaber says.

Now, figure out what your options are.

Girl, you’re great at selfies in the club or #FlexFriday after your gym pump has kicked in, but can your smartphone capture your house in its full glory?

Baseline: Yes, but there are things to consider. What looks like a good shot ready for Zillow could be missing out to the trained eye.

Lighting, space, reflections (this isn’t your Grindr profile) and tidiness need to show off your space at maximum appeal.

No matter which latest version of your phone you have, accessories can make your shots more desirable. A wide-angle lens for your phone will give a more realistic and precise view. Don’t trust your hands for a proper still photo. With your lens, consider a tripod or mount to set the camera for a proper shot.

Your DSLR is your best bet if doing it DIY. Presets can take the shots you need, without much hassle, but before posting anything, run them by another pair of eyes — preferably an agent.

These cameras have almost revolutionized how houses can be viewed. From the sky to a smooth tour of the interior, drones give a tour from the comfort of your desktop or tablet. However they may not always be the best choice … or necessary even.

While drones can showcase a big house and lawn magnificently, it’s a bit much for smaller spaces like condos or apartments. Also, if your house is obstructed by trees or dwarfed by larger buildings, that money shot won’t make change.

A professional is perhaps the ideal option for this unless you can drive that camera like a Rolls Royce. Anything less will show.

Unless you are a photographer, it is hardly a secret that a professional is the best option. While it can be done by you or your friend with a great camera, a pro will know all the tricks to showing off your house in the best possible way.

But the easiest part about this is that you can hire an agent who will handle this for you. So not only is it one less thing to deal with, also taken care of by someone who wants your home sold as well. The better the photos, the quicker the home will sell.
“They have the know-how and the equipment to showcase the rooms better than a normal camera or iPhone would do.” Jaber says. “A professional can ensure that the photos will evoke something in the buyer while capturing the best the home can be.”

He adds that the photographer would also shoot in a way that takes out distractions so that buyers can see themselves in the house. So maybe take down the Pride flag and personal photos for a more commonplace look. Gasp! Right? But it’s only for the shoot.

This could be the bonding experience you and your agent need. After learning if your agent will handle hiring a photographer, find out if he or she has an IG account to post the photos. Then you do the same. Or if you DIY-ing, hit up your own account — or maybe start a separate one — to highlight your house for sale. Hashtag it for days and you’ll have a free marketing tool that’s outside of Zillow or Trulia or other usual outlets. Plus, you can whip that out anytime in case it comes up in conversation or you hear someone’s looking. And, you can see who’s following and liking for you and/or your agent to reach out and determine interest. The drawback: it’s going to break up that stream of selfies if you keep it on your regular account. It’ll be OK, though.