BillOn Wednesday, Chelsea Clinton addressed a Human Rights Campaign and Victory Fund event for the LGBT caucus. Dallas delegate Jeff Strater said she focused on the Republican platform and the damage it would do to the LGBT community. She equated reparative therapy with child abuse.

Normally, we comment when LGBT is mentioned during a major speech. We wrote about it the first time our community was mentioned in a State of the Union speech. We commented when we were mentioned in a convention acceptance speech.

At this convention, who can keep up? We’ve been mentioned by almost every speaker. President Obama included a clip of flooding the White House with rainbow lights the night of the marriage equality decision. Last night, the mother of an Orlando massacre victim spoke about missing her son and his boyfriend and she was supported at the microphone by two other their friends. Those were just two of last night’s highlights. An estimated 10 percent of delegates to the convention are LGBT.

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s (Wednesday, July 27) events at the convention from local Dallas LGBT delegates. Photos courtesy of Barbara Rosenberg and Jeff Strater.