Anti-gay Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern is back in the headlines — this time for trying to carry a loaded pistol into the Sooner State Capitol.

Kern became notorious for shooting off her mouth earlier this year after the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund made public an audio clip of the legislator ranting about gays and lesbians, saying among other things that gays are a bigger threat to the country than terrorists.

She complained about getting death threats from irate gays after the audio clip, and later a video that included Kern’s audio, was publicized. But she claims that she made a habit of carrying around a loaded gun long before that controversy ever erupted.

Kern has a permit to carry the gun, a .38 caliber semi-automatic, and this is the second time she has headed for the Capitol building with it. In June, apparently, she made it past security with the gun in her purse, and then, when she realized it was there, she said, she reported it to security.

No charges were filed because, according to Oklahoma Highway Patrol officials, there was no “malicious intent.” At least not where the handgun was concerned. Now her anti-gay rants — that’s another matter.

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