Leslie McMurrayI was taught by my parents that it isn’t generally acceptable to discuss what goes on in a bathroom — it just isn’t polite. However, I think that needs to change because not knowing (ignorance) has fueled the childlike imaginations of the Texas GOP.

Heaven knows what goes on inside their empty heads — but they seem to think there is a safety issue in bathrooms. Naturally, their ham handed attempts to solve this problem that doesn’t exist is actually creating a whole slew of potential problems. See HB 2802.

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve peed in 3 states! In the past year my pee-spree has covered eight states! Not just ANY states, but seven of the most narrow-minded bigoted states in America! And California which has decided to let everyone pee in peace. (Successfully, I might add)

The other 7 are in no particular order: Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

All have been 100 percent without incident. (Except for a truck-driver in New Mexico accidently walking into the ladies room and quickly being turned around with his GPS set for the Men’s Room!)

What-all goes on in there? I go in, enter a vacant stall, close and lock it. Hang my purse on the hook, and I proceed to pee. After I’m done, I wipe, dress, grab my purse and exit the stall. I wash up and sometimes run a brush through my hair. Then I leave.

Assaulting my fellow bathroom users never crossed my mind until Richard (can I call you DICK?) Pena introduced a bill (SB 2802) to criminalize my bathroom usage all in the name of keeping these bathrooms “safe.” What a ridiculous notion!

Why not just make it illegal (I mean REALLY Illegal) to assault or otherwise bother people in a bathroom? Why single out Transgender people? We need to pee too. (I fact-checked this statement – it’s true, Transgender people pee just like everyone else)

Has there been a problem with Trans-Women acting up in there? Please, educate me. I know of not a single instance of this happening.

I have an idea Richard (can I call you Dick?) why not get to know a few of us? We are a peace loving people. We mean you no harm. We aren’t a threat to anyone. You, and your Republican brethren are bigots run-amok. You are a danger to all thinking people. Your empty-headed attempts to invade my personal privacy are only going to cause problems.

Namely, if you are genuinely, truly concerned about the safety of the peeing public – do you think TransWomen are going to be safe going in the men’s room? I assure you we are NOT. Does OUR safety matter to you? Plenty of US have been attacked and this will only get worse if you get your way.

Will cis-women (look it up) feel safer with bearded, hairy, muscled, testosterone-fueled Trans-Men using the ladies’ room? I can pretty much guarantee not, and with your silly “bounty” program, you will have lots of civil rights violations and false accusations. Your bill is a disaster because it wasn’t well thought out.

Looking at your other piece of “Hate Through Legislation” HB 2801 Why on Earth would you want to single out and torment children? You are a despicable person Me Pena. All you are doing is forcing Trans kids into the closet and installing a climate of fear and intimidation in school restrooms. Kids have enough bullies in their lives, they sure don’t need them in the Statehouse in Austin. Shame on you!

Question: I’m no lawyer, but before you can charge someone with an offense, doesn’t there have to be probable cause that a crime has been committed? (Or are you suspending the constitution?) What exactly is your probable cause? My license says “Female.” (Which is what I am) Are people who look “a little too butch” going to be dragged from the restroom, arrested and charged only to find that you are wrong? Or did you even think about the people who have to enforce your ridiculous legislation.

If you are honestly trying to protect people, then make the activity a crime, not the person. Peeing in a public restroom isn’t a crime.

Texas has loads of problems, (potholes for one) that could use solving. What-say you get out of my bathroom and I’ll stay out of yours.

Because with you around…I just don’t feel safe.