best-places-to-work-for-diversityAT&T sent me a press release proudly announcing their No. 39 place on a list of 2016 Best Workplaces for Diversity.

Nice honor to be listed, but then I looked at the list. AT&T should be a little pissed off. It belongs much higher on the list.

The diversity list was compiled from answers to 58 questions answered by employees of companies with at least 50 employees. “Rankings take into account how favorably women, minorities and LGBTQ employees experience their workplace relative to their male, Caucasian and heterosexual colleagues’ experiences,” the survey website explains.

Here’s the surprise: Texas Health Resources ranked No. 1. That company’s flagship hospital is Presbyterian.

Texas Health Resources did not participate in HRC’s Corporate Equality Index, but three of its hospitals, including Presbyterian, participated in HRC’s Health Equality Index. The other two were Harris Methodist in Fort Worth and Presbyterian in Plano.

All three hospitals are rated “No” for “patient non-discrimination policy.”

Did LGBT employees in a hospital system that doesn’t have a nondiscrimination for patients call their employer a great place to work? Did not one of their employees notice that was missing? And the survey company that compiled this rated a hospital that would discriminate against its LGBT patients as the best company in the country for diversity?

Maybe they were only talking about opportunities for employees. After all, when it came time to treat patients stricken with Ebola, Presbyterian did put an Asian nurse and a black nurse on the front lines without the necessary proper protection, but did send them to other medical facilities around the country for their treatment.

And number two on the list is Delta Airlines. Delta did score 100 on the HRC Corporate Equality Index this year for the first time. Other airlines — American, Alaska, Southwest, United — have been there at least the last two years. That indicates Delta added benefits and policies just to stay competitive, not because they were ever a leader. The airlines that have been there all along didn’t make the diversity list.

So congratulations AT&T for your place on the list. AT&T not only has an employee resource group, it’s ERG, LEAGUE@AT&T was the FIRST ERG, created more than 25 years ago. The company kind of created equality in the workplace. It’s ALWAYS scored 100 on the HRC CEI and has been a leader in creating policies that promoted a diverse and equal workforce. That ranking is kind of a slap in the face, but at least you’re acknowledged.