The plaintiff in Texas’ first gay divorce case appeared on “Good Morning America Weekend” on Sunday along with his attorney, Peter Schulte. The plaintiff, who’s asking to be identified only as “J.B.,” again insisted that the divorce isn’t a “test case” designed to further LGBT equality.

GMA host Bill Weir: “Gay marriage advocates are celebrating this as an interesting way to get the whole issue in front of state supreme courts and possibly the U.S. Supreme Court. How much of that motivated you here?”

J.B.: “From the beginning, I have said this is not a test case, I’m not the poster child. In reality, for 10 months, there have been two people on the plane, the pilot and myself in the cabin alone. If anybody else had wanted to bring their cause to the table, they could have been there. Some of the greatest negative feedback that I’ve gotten has been from the gay and lesbian community, the legal community in the gay and lesbian community specifically. So you know what? You can’t just jump on when you want to and claim your stake. … This is not about gay and lesbian marriage.”

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