The editorial staff at Dallas Voice … well, mostly just me … OK, ONLY me … joins our friends at Liberty Counsel in encouraging all of our readers to make Valentine’s Day a day of purity. (Please watch the important video below).

We are all bombarded with messages that encourage us to become sexually active. We’re told it’s OK to pay a porn star more than $100,000 to have sex. Or not to talk about having had sex. Or something like that.

We’re told it’s OK to have five children by three wives. We’re given the message that when our spouse gets old, toss them aside and get a younger version.

And when you encourage men to grab women by the pussy, why that just increases the number of votes right-wing Republicans get.

So this Valentine’s Day, we’re siding with Liberty Counsel and encouraging our readers not to emulate our president and to remain pure.

David Taffet