Though we have found ourselves in the middle of a few rainy weeks recently, we all know that summer is coming — in Texas! — and that means months of chances to hit the pool, lake and beach. But why show up looking shady when you can help set the trends in this season’s hottest swimsuit fashions.

So what will it take to stand out at your favorite watering hole? Graphic prints, daring colors, and a flirtatious attitude all combine this summer to create a certain confidence that will make you feel attractive and get others to stand up and take notice. Whether preferring a more conservative cut, a short length swimsuit or an itty-bitty bikini, these American designs can help you make a fashion statement to rival any royal.

Welcome to Dallas Voice’s second annual Swimsuit Edition!

Photography by Arnold Wayne Jones
Additional Photography: Kat Haygood

Styling and text by J. Denton Bricker and Arnold Wayne Jones

More photos are available in our bonus gallery here!

Screen-shot-1By the pool with Terrance in N2N, Jeremy in MacKeene, A.J. in Bullzerk, Skylar in Rock Star and Frederick in Marek+Richard.


P.J. gets our hearts racing in a racer by Charlie, and taunts us in the weeds in cannabis-inspired trunks by Marek+Richard.


Frederick glistens in a ‘moist’ racerback tank and blue tidal wave trunk (both by Marek+Richard). Terrance gushes at puppy Pepe in a white patriotic T by Cockpit USA, while Joel dotes in a nautical inspired blue shirt by Southern Tide.


Joseph shows it’s all about that b-ass in a bold tidal wave trunk and wet crop tee, both by Marek+Richard. … Frederick looks on in an eye catching orange/green tropicale bikini by M+R. Theresa glimmers in a turquoise deco foil bikini by Charlie by Matthew Zink with a gold framed gemstone necklace by OpalMilk. …. Show off your dualities in all the right ways in the unforgettable coral red & turquoise Charlie scarf print trainer shorts by Charlie by Matthew Zink.


A.J. brags a bit in this Marek+Richard crop top, but Joel and Terrance are too into each other to notice while wearing N2N Bodywear.


Joel makes a splash in blue/yellow racer bikini while Terrance leans into his six pack in a black/red blazer bikini, both by N2N Bodywear.

Joel and Terrance sunbathe their backsides in an irresistibly colorful LA pop sport bikini by N2N Bodywear and a classic navy bikini by Colt.

Terrance dares to pose (with an eight-pack, no less!) in an orange/grey daredevil bikini by N2N Bodywear.

Terrance’s chin is on fleek in a black/white competitor trunk by N2N Bodywear.


Skylar rocks a gotta-have-it tank top by Bullzerk, perfectly accompanied by a trucker hat from Marek+Richard…. Terrance beams on the patio in red trunks by Colt and a Naval-inspired navy T by Cockpit USA.


Jeremy lounges with grace in a Big D tank by Bullzerk. A.J. looks dapper in the denim vintage soccer short by Charlie by Matthew Zink. … P.J. teases teases us with those abs in Charlie by Matthew Zink. … Opposite: Terrance shows some serious hip in the white Nitro X bikini by N2N Bodywear.


Frederick looks smart  in navy Go Deep swim shorts by Marek+Richard and a maroon Dallas-specific Oaklawn T designed by area boutique Bullzerk. … Joseph shows he isn’t offended by any means in an orange ‘Do These Guns Offend You’ tank by Bullzerk and turquoise perroquet swim shorts by MacKeene.


Joseph stretches it out in the pink OMFG floral snapback by Marek+Richard and turquoise perroquet swim shorts by MacKeeene.  … Joel looks like he was made for the creatively cunning LA pop sport bikini sexily styled by N2N Bodywear.


Theresa shines like the sun as she steps into the water in a yellow/white Charlie scarf bikini by Charlie By Matthew Zink, accompanied by fringe leather neckpiece and brown armband by OpalMilk. Skylar is right behind her in a Caribbean blue lifeguard brief by Charlie by Matthew Zink and righteous  hat screaming YASS! about those abs …. Terrance ponders life in the tropics in a purple print by N2N Bodywear. … P.J. shows the new meaning of washboard in a pink palm resort short while A.J. turns up the heat in the striking berry trainer, both from Charlie by Matthew Zink.


Our very special thanks to the following:


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Joel Corado
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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 22, 2015.