Same Sex Sunday is a weekly LGBT news podcast hosted by activists Phil Reese and Joe Mirabella. This week’s guest panelists::

Field Director at the Courage Campaign, Arisha Hatch; Programs Director for Log Cabin Republicans, Casey Pick; Managing Partner Renna Communication—an LGBT-focused Communications Firm, Cathy Renna; Co-Director of active duty servicemembers network, OutServe, JD Smith; Executive Director of Equality Florida, Nadine Smith; Founding partner in 3PG Consulting, Andy Szekeres.

Topics covered below include:

The DADT roller coaster; the end of the Floria ban on gay adoption; the President’s “It Gets Better: video; NOM’S legal troubles; the coming election, Ken Buck thinks being gay is like being an alcoholic; a European court struck down the Moscow Pride ban; majority of Americans blame churches for gay suicides.

Joe. My. God.