Dupree notes suspects are neighbors of his opponent; Cortes denies knowledge of repeated thefts of Dupree’s campaign signs

Jaime Cortes

Dallas Police Department patrol officers issued citations for theft Monday to two men suspected of stealing campaign signs promoting the re-election of gay Precinct 5 Dallas County Constable Mike Dupree.

Two signs allegedly were stolen from a business on Colorado Avenue, and three other Dupree signs were in their possession of the two men when police stopped them as they walked in Oak Cliff.

The two men were stopped by Dallas police officers after the business owner reported the theft to Dupree, and the constable contacted police.
Dupree, who has filed several complaints about his campaign signs being stolen in recent weeks, joined police officers at the scene.
Dupree said the men were neighbors of Jaime Cortes, his opponent in the Democratic Party primary.

Cortes said recently in an interview he had no knowledge of campaign signs being stolen and would not condone the practice if his campaign workers were involved.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, February 24, 2006. готовый сайт визитка