Murder victim Joshua Tubbleville

Police arrested Deric Madison, 24, in the May 30 murder of Joshua Tubbleville. Madison is being charged with capital murder.

Tubbleville was killed when Madison robbed him in his car and he crashed at the Shell station on the corner of Lemmon and Oak Lawn avenues.

A police spokeswoman said DNA evidence in Tubbleville’s apartment linked Madison to the crime. She said Madison had no criminal history that she knew of and declined to comment on what evidence was found in the condo linking Madison to the crime.

A video taken from inside the Shell station showed a black man exiting Tubbleville’s car immediately after he crashed at the station.

The two had met the night before outside Tubbleville’s building. Madison had a drink and spent the night in Tubbleville’s condo and in the morning, Tubbleville was driving Madison home.

Police called it a crime of opportunity, not a hate crime. After his arrest, Madison gave police multiple versions of what happened that night.

No evidence links Tubbleville to the gay community.