Aaron Cheung

Police have arrested the “person of interest” they say used Aaron Cheung’s debit card in the days following the 27-year-old gay man’s murder in northeast Dallas. Charles Freeman, 58, is charged with fraudulent use of identifying information. Freeman, who was picked up at a downtown shelter last night, has not yet been charged in Cheung’s murder. From DPD:

On December 12, 2010 a 27-year-old business man, Aaron Cheung, was shot to death near his home in the 8100 block of Skillman Street. During the investigation of that homicide Dallas detectives learned that the victim’s credentials had been repeatedly used over the last several days to make a variety of small purchases at a convenience store in downtown Dallas. Surveillance video at the store gave investigators an important lead which led last night to the arrest of Charles Freeman (DOB 10-23-52) for Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information, a state jail felony. The arrest is documented on service number 341822X. Copies of the video had been distributed to the media and police and an officer recognized a still picture taken from the video as being Arrestee Freeman. He was found yesterday evening in a downtown shelter and taken into custody. Arrestee Freeman has been interviewed regarding the homicide, but has not been charged with involvement in the death of Mr. Cheung. It is important to note that Mr. Cheung’s credit cards were also used in Ft. Worth after the homicide, but it has not been established yet who used them. The homicide case remains open and active.