We’ve received a few complaints this week about “excessive” traffic enforcement in the Cedar Springs area by Dallas police. One citizen who got nailed for talking on her cell phone in a school zone said police on motorcycles are “swarming” the area of Cedar Springs and Throckmorton Street.

“I think they’re over there to hassle the gays,” she wrote. “The cop who ticketed me put it this way, ‘The city council told us we had to give more tickets in this area. We just do what they say.'”

Another writer said cops are hanging out in the Walgreen’s parking lot and pulling people over for failing to come to a complete stop on Oak Lawn Avenue before turning right on Cedar Springs.

“I don’t know how much longer the DPD will be enforcing traffic violations so heavily on Cedar Springs but I just thought some people might like to know so they can keep their heads up while driving around Cedar Springs to avoid a ticket,” he said.

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