These two lovely ladies — Britney Gulley and Jeremisha Adams, both 19 — are in Dallas County jail on capital murder charges after police say they committed a string of armed robberies, at least two of which were deadly. Police say Gulley and Adams were dressed like men when they committed the crimes, according to this article in The Dallas Morning News.

“It had nothing to do with trying to disguise themselves from trying to be detained or identified,” DPD Sgt. Eddie Douglas told The DMN. “That is the lifestyles of these women.” (Here we go with the “lifestyles” thing again! Sergeant, perhaps robbing and killing people was a “lifestyle” for these women, but if you are referring to their sexual orientation or gender identity, it is not a “lifestyle”!)

Anyhow, the suspects were arrested after one of their girlfriends went to police on Sunday with her story, according to The DMN article. The woman said she and Adams had been living together for several years and that they share an apartment with Gulley and her girlfriend.разместить рекламу google