Lawmakers in the New Hampshire House of Representatives are set to vote today on a proposal to rescind that state’s law legalizing same-sex marriage, and a proposal to amend the state’s Constitution to limit legal marriage to opposite-sex couples.

The House Judiciary Committee has recommended voting down both bills.

Gay marriage opponents who are backing the measures say that voters, not legislators, should be the ones to decide the matter. But — and this is the part that really caught my attention — they also say, “the consummation of gay unions can’t be spoken of in polite society” (as per an Associated Press report).

You’re kidding me, right? You shouldn’t talk about gay sex at tea parties, so gay marriage shouldn’t be allowed? That’s their argument? I guess hetero sex is a perfectly fine topic for “polite society” in New Hampshire?

And here’s what makes it even better. N.H. State Rep. Nancy Elliott, earlier this week, explained her opposition to gay marriage during a Judiciary Committee Hearing by giving a very graphic description of anal sex, and then claiming that fifth graders in the Nashua school are, as part of their sex education class, now being shown graphic photos of two men engaged in anal sex, and told that they should try it. All because gay marriage is legal.

Of course, that crap about the school’s isn’t true, and Elliott had to admit that in a public statement issued yesterday. Still, she said it. And here’s the video to prove it.

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