A new Gallup poll released today indicates that opposition to same-sex marriage continues to decline.

The poll surveyed 1,029 adults from May 3 to May 6, and found that 53 percent of Americans oppose gay marriage, and 44 percent support it.

According to RTT News, 53 percent ties Gallup’s all-time low from 2007 for those opposing gay marriage. The opposition is also down 4 percent from 2009, when a poll indicated 57 percent opposed gay marriage, and 40 percent supported it.

The new poll also indicates that more Democrats than Republicans support gay marriage (big surprise there, huh?), and — believe it or not — “religion played a major role in Americans’ view on gay marriage.” I know, you are all floored by that revelation.

Breaking it down, RTT News reported: “Among Americans where religion is very important, 70 percent were opposed to gay marriage. Among those where it is only fairly important, 37 percent were opposed. Finally, among those where religion is not important at all, only 27 percent were opposed.”ключевые слова googleпродвижение сайта в нескольких регионах