Chuck Smith

A whopping 88 percent of likely Texas voters think public schools should be required “to protect all children from bullying, harassment, and discrimination in school, including the children of gay and lesbian parents or teenagers who are gay,” according to poll results released Tuesday by the Texas Freedom Network.

TFN commissioned its survey, titled “Culture Wars in the Classroom: Texas Voters Call for a Cease-Fire,” to gauge people’s attitudes about the infamous State Board of Education.

Chief among the survey’s findings were that 72 percent of likely Texas voters want teachers and scholars, not politicians, to be responsible for writing curriculum requirements for public schools; and that 68 percent say separation of church and state is a key constitutional principle.

As far as we can tell, the question about bullying policies was the only LGBT-specific one in the poll, but advocates are encouraged by the result.

“We’re glad to see TFN’s polling numbers confirm the obvious — Texans overwhelmingly want to provide a safe learning environment and protect ALL children regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression,” said Chuck Smith, deputy director of Equality Texas. “For some reason, it’s only a few politicians who want to use gay kids as political footballs. Now, these numbers show there is no excuse (as if there ever was) for politicians to block good legislation to protect Texas school children.

“Equality Texas worked with State Rep. Mark Strama on anti-bullying legislation in the 2009 Session and we have continued to work with him on legislation for 2011. We expect the measure to again receive bipartisan support and we will work aggressively to get it passed in the Texas House and the Texas Senate.”

The poll also found that 80 percent of likely Texas voters agree that high school classes on sex education should teach “about contraception, such as condoms and other birth control, along with abstinence,” according to TFN.

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