I m reprinting this letter exactly as it was written to me:


A Letter Regarding the Orlando Pulse Club Incident to the LGBT Community of the United States and Elsewhere

From a white, heterosexual, libertarian, 60 year old, highly aware and researched American male

For decades I have been aware of a lot of identity and cultural politics played out in this country. In my experience I have not witnessed much concern or community connection from the gay community regarding straight white men. It seems as if there has been a cultural divide—in which if anything we white men were somehow categorized as hostile camps (similar like all the camps within the rainbow coalitions especially have used the white male as the ‘other’ hostile group—and how many so-called liberal or progressive political groups equally have “we versus them” mentality regarding white men (especially goy or gentile white men) can too easily be suspected of fascism or hate racism or other presumably ‘fault-able’ or scapegoat characteristics.

And it is not a mere coincidence that 2nd Amendment advocates are often portrayed as white, redneck extremists, or right-wings extremists, or in today’s politics as Trump fascists, etc. as progressives and the Democratic party have both engaged in a psychology of recruiting minorities to their side by presenting themselves as the champions of the underdog minorities. For example, one of the reasons that progressives and Democrats are pro-immigration is because they are aware that 80% of immigrants vote for Democratic party—so they constantly spin any anti-immigrant hostility as a matter of skin color and religious alienation rather than economic issues like fewer jobs, less pay, more welfare load, etc.

Over the decades I have equally watched how the gay communities have gained tremendous courage and confidence in becoming politically activated—but too often for singular issues related to being gay—and far fewer issues to gender in general—almost as if straight, white men never suffered in manner in which gay men could identify. But for example if you study the politics of divorce in an honest manner you could understand that men are often given the short end of the deal.

Another example, is that gentile white men (in a culture actually dominated by Jewish professionals in media, politics, finance, Hollywood, law, etc.) are not allowed to organize and have any kind of “acceptable” (political correct) organization that is opposed to the country of the United States being dominated by Zionist foreign policy, Jewish domination of our media, movie industry, the Federal Reserve and banking industry, etc. Any such opposition is immediately branded anti-Semitic, racist, extremist, fascist, neo-Nazi, skin-head, or KKK.

And the reason I bring this up is because the so-called Orlando mass shootings at the Pulse night club, if you study the alternative media on the Internet, was a staged and faked event (as were several other recent mass gun killing events portrayed by the mainstream media and the FBI and Federal Government as real) were “false flag operations” intentionally created to increase fear in American citizens to motivate for more and more control and less and less freedom in the hands of U.S. citizens.

You may jump to the conclusion that I am some crazy conspiracy theorist. But imagine for a minute that I might be right. In fact do your own due diligent research (as you should). Google: “Orlando Pulse mass killing faked” or “Orlando Pulse mass killing false flag” or some such worded search and then click of ‘video’ versions of such explanations (but equally you can read opinions and alternative investigation journalism articles as well).

If you do you should see some very suspicious red flags of “limited” on the scene film footage. There were some camera crews and microphone interviews (for the most part not very comprehensive but enough to get a definite impression that the official mainstream media story does not jive with the eye witness discussion (too quite limited (in a club that supposedly had 200 to 300 people).

First off with that many people in a club you would expect many of them to be carrying around smartphones so as to see actual pictures and videos of bloodied bodies, dead bodies, and ambulances being filled up and a lot of distress video with sound?

But you do not. People trapped in an emergency situation for a long period of time are going to think of using actions to get results besides getting to the floor as fast as possible. Minimally several dozen would be calling 911?

But what do we get instead at the crime scene? We see some videos of the street action of many police cars, local, FBI, Sheriff, a Fire Department truck (but almost zero ambulances)? You see some footage (kind of blurry) of many police officers and what appears, perhaps, of some medics milling around what appears to be maybe six bodies lying on the ground. Although somewhat blurry you can make out green grass and the emergency service people (but no blood anywhere)? No blood on any of the supposed gays who were alive and supposedly helping the police, no blood on any of the emergency response people (not even their gloved hands)?

Meanwhile although there are scenes of flashing police car lights and some officers walking around with the types of weapons the anti-gun lobby is trying to take away form law abiding citizens, you see no ambulance, you see no body gurneys being moved to ambulance, no fast and frantic pace of responders bandaging up the wounded or moving either dead or wounded to ambulances in an expected way (and you don’t see ambulance taking off with sirens and lighting glaring for others to get out of the way as they rush to the hospital)?

After our country has been subject to several “false flag operations” (this term will be discussed in the essay attached below) it is normal for people who have a clue as to what is going on to almost automatically suspect the latest mass killing is another faked shooting meant to mobilize more and more naïve Americans against having any gun power.

Furthermore in some of the footage I’ve seen on the Internet (at the crime scene) we see what appears to be gay civilians carrying some bodies along the sidewalk (none of them have any blood on them or the people they are carrying don’t appear to show blood)? Why are not professional medics placing these supposedly wounded people in ambulances rather than non-professionals carrying a body down the street for what seems like a couple blocks?

If you really had a crime scene in which 50 people died from gunshot wounds and another 53 people wounded you would see a lot of blood—it would be everywhere. You would here no stop ambulance sirens and them moving in and out. And they would be filmed both on TV cameras and on cell phones. When you googled “Orlando Pulse mass shooting” and clicked on ‘images’ you would see photos take from inside and outside (and smartphone camera technology is very keen). And likely you could hear actual incidents as well.

Instead there are some interviews with not very many witnessed (or a worried mother of one gay son). When these so-called gay witnesses are talking about the event ‘none’ of them authentically sound like they just went through a harrowing ordeal of mass murder. None of them sound like they were traumatized. It is really bad acting. The whole scene smells of something very, very dishonest (even as the entire controlled mainstream media goes along with it (as it did with Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, 9/11, etc.) as too the Federal government via the FBI, Justice Department, White House, etc., too goes along with it (this great hoax being played on the American people for a political of getting more to fear Muslims and ISIS and justify our illegal involvement in Syria and to pass more gun restrictions because the people in power are afraid too many Americans are becoming too aware of how corrupt their government is (and has been) and the how corrupt the media equally has become. They are afraid of rebellion, civil war and civil unrest and that is why you need to read the essay attached to this letter about the gun politics going on in California.

You really need to get this—not only is there plenty of non-mainstream investigative reporting on how ISIS is being funded, supported, equipped, etc., with the help of the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc., with the real goal of taking out the Syrian leader but recently we have ample evidence Hillary Clinton was strongly involved, see: Clinton Email Shows US Sought Syria Regime Change for Israel’s Sake at: http://america-hijacked.com/2016/03/22/clinton-email-shows-us-sought-syria-regime-change-for-israels-sake/

And more sinister still is the coincidence that the security company the so-called attacker worked for, namely G4S is being protested for serious war crimes such as prison torture in Israel of Palestine? It is important that this comes to light, see:

Tell the Labour Party to end its shameful business with G4S – protest outside the party conference at the Brighton Centre Sunday at: http://www.brightonpalestinecampaign.org/event/tell-the-labour-party-to-end-its-shameful-business-with-g4s-protest-outside-the-party-conference-at-the-brighton-centre-sunday-27-sept-4-30pm

What you need to understand is how we are dealing with a criminal elite power structure of psychopaths. We should already know that we have been lied to on numerous occasions by our own government. We should know they treat the common people like an enemy. Do not underestimate to what level real conspiracies happen in this world—and how nasty they came be.

But now back to the Pulse scene of the crime. If you bother to check out reports on the Internet you likely will see one gay man, in a American flag shirt and yellow hat, was interviewed by several on the scene, who had been in the club at the time it went down, claims in his talks to media reporters, to have went to the floor, (he says “blood was everywhere…he did know if the blood we was up against was his or someone else’s as he crawled to get out of the club (and later he remembers he still had his drink in his hand but he had to use his bandana to blood a bullet hole in someone else) and on camera he has absolutely no blood on his clothing at all. Furthermore he talks at length with reports asking him questions and he talks as if he had not just gone through an anxious and harrowing experience—it just is not authentic.

This seems bullshit lies as another stage even and yet we have gay groups and supporters all over the country expressing outrage and group support as if they thing really happened!

The reason I think this event was staged is because if anti-gun advocates can get gays in America mobilized they will politically have another powerful, vocal, ally to help push through more gun laws.

But I ask you people to seriously consider what you have just read and even more importantly the essay attached as guns are a very, very, important political reality—regarding the power balance between the State and mere citizens. This attached essay argues that you need to understand this gun control debate in a much larger context then what you are being encouraged to judge in within.

Conspiracy theorists have a right and a reason to be very suspicious. There are big public relation programs trying to add more gun laws around the nation. We have strong evidence the Boston bombing did not happen the way we were told. I especially ask that you google “Sandy Hook Fake False Flag” and if you study videos that have been put out, as we have had time to re-assess the facts versus the fictions, you we learn that it was very much a hoax and yet it helped introduce numerous gun laws at the federal and state level including in Connecticut itself.

Equally we know as fact ISIS beheading videos were faked productions to incite fear in the American public to justify more U.S. involvement in Syria.

We know absolutely the Sandy Hook School shooting was a staged event. As well there are equally highly unusual circumstances with the San Bernardino shooting as well.

Zionist controlled CNN is already engaged in airing more propaganda messages for the need for more gun control (as well as a large array of new non-profits built to destroy the value of the 2nd Amendment.

No one focuses on how much violence the United States is responsible for around the world. We were lied to about Bashar Assad several times (such as his use of chemical warfare on Syrian rebel fighters (that we support)).

To the extent that this Orlando narrative is true we 2nd Amendment advocates all feel deep sadness. But it is too suspicious (again). People who know the real levels of deception of the last 150 years know the powers that be will engage in a lot of coercion and deceit to get their way!

If you truly care about gun control and you want to understand this debate you need to appreciate the political and historical context it is being played out in and read the below essay (and check out some of the references linked to).


Remaining Anonymous for critical reasons