The Dallas Reunion 30 was two hoots and a holler. The SouthFork Ranch was bathed in spotlights, and we arrived just as Larry Hagman’s helicopter touched down on the front lawn.

Somehow I scored a red wristband, which meant I got to sit in the first-class section next to a stage in the backyard. People paid $1,000 per ticket to sit in that section, and many red-wristband attendees were not happy. Although the BBQ spread was excellent, the event didn’t add up to much.

Everybody got to tour the house, which looks like a Hobby Lobby spree, circa 1986, gone wild: burgandy porcelain toilets, black-and-rose wallpaper, gilded angels all over the place.

The highlight was when the cast did a Q&A on the back porch. I guess die-hard “Dallas” geeks enjoyed it. But the most memorable question came from some guy who said he was from New York. He had the balls to ask Hagman, “How much does a liver transplant cost?”

People were absolutely stunned.

The evening started to get cold. I left before the fireworks and Billy Joe Shaver started jamming.

More than a few times, I overheard people complaining at how much they shelled out for the ho-hum event.

Here are some more photos:

Photography by Bryan Amann.

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