On Saturday afternoon, I drove about 50 miles to Central Expy at Legacy to hang with the kids at the ‘No MILK for Cinemark’ protest. It was a crazy windy day.

About 15 peeps showed up to hold signs, rainbow feather boas and same-sex smooch  as cars drove into the parking lot. During the rally, someone’s car stereo pumped out the new Britney Spears album. At one point, Luna busted out lyric sheets — protest chants based on “Miss Mary Mack” and “This Land is Our Land.”

Everyone was super polite. Some folks who asked the protesters what was going on were greeted by demonstration organizer Israel Luna, who gave them free passes to see ‘Milk’ for free at the Angelika.

There were a couple of police officers in the parking lot and some corporate-looking women were speaking with them, keeping a safe distance from the protesters. (But I think they got the memo that, when it comes to movies, protests are almost always good for business.)

Overall, the afternoon was fun. Plano is replete with hot dudes in super-butch pickup trucks who see movies on Saturdays…обслуживание сайта в месяцстоимость рекламы в социальных сетях