I just received this new poster for the upcoming Sing for the Cure concert event featuring Resounding Harmony. And it sounds like it’s off to a good start, according to marketing chair Jan Harrell.

Ticket sales are going incredibly well, and we are still two and a half weeks months out from the concert.  There is no doubt in my mind that this event could be sold out well in advance of concert night. Many people are buying their own tickets and then sponsoring a survivor at $25 each. It’s a great way to honor someone who has come through such hardship. There will be over 400 survivors at the concert, ” she says.

After their Meyerson appearance, they do an encore in New York at Carnegie Hall June 6. Harrell expects the same response there as well.

We expect the same thing will happen in New York at Carnegie. Music takes the message of breast cancer across all cultural, language and political barriers in a way that words cannot,” she adds.

Tickets are $25–$100 and can be ordered here.
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