is reporting that Carrie Prejean — the Miss California titleholder that kicked off such a ruckus and became the darling of the religious right when she told Miss U.S.A. judge Perez Hilton that she was against same-sex marriage — has lost her Miss California title and tiara.

In other words, Miss U.S.A. pageant honcho Donald Trump has fired her. Prejean is being replaced by first runner-up Tami Farrell, Miss Malibu.

Trump had earlier refused to get rid of Prejean, despite the topless photos of her that were unearthed and despite her appearances at various right-wing events and shows touting her anti-gay-marriage rhetoric. But according to TMZ, Trump has gotten fed up with Prejean’s habit of not clearing some of her extra-curricular appearances with the pageant system, and her habit of not filling her contractual obligations to the pageant system.

The gossip site also said that their sources said Prejean was getting the axe based strictly on her failure to fulfill her contractual obligations, and that it had nothing to do with her religious or political adwords что такоекак посмотреть скорость соединения