When you’ve got 7 minutes to spare, here’s video courtesy of “harrycarrielee” of Austin’s Pride parade on Saturday night. I haven’t watched much of the video (which means I’m not responsible for any inappropriate content), but I’m loving the guy right at the beginning in the gurney. How ’bout it, Dallas Fire-Rescue?

Also celebrating Pride this past weekend was El Paso, with held its the Second Annual Sun City Pride Celebration (shown below).

San Antonio’s Pridefest is this coming weekend, while Houston will mark Pride on June 27.

Dallas and Fort Worth, of course, don’t celebrate Pride until September and October, respectively. However, this year, the Million Gay March of Texas will be held June 28 in Dallas to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall rebellion. For more on this event, go here.

Photo: El Paso Times

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