A sign promoting the DFW Front Runners’ first-ever Pride Run this Sunday went missing for a second time over the weekend.

Front Runners President Lin Wang told Instant Tea last week that two 18-by-24-inch metal signs were placed along the Katy Trail to advertise the event. One was near the Katy Ice House and the other was near Hall Street. The one near Hall Street went missing early last week.

Wang suspected that the theft was motivated by anti-gay bias, and after he noticed the replacement sign was missing this morning after putting it up on Friday, he’s even more convinced that someone is against the LGBT Pride event.

“There’s no other reason someone would steal it,” he said.

Wang emailed Instant Tea on Monday afternoon saying the sign had been found but was stepped on, leaving behind a “funny footprint” on the back, and tossed along the trail. The sign has been put up again near the entrance.

Wang hadn’t reported the first theft to the Dallas police because he’s been too busy working on last-minute preparations for the run, but he said he did plan report the incidents. If the sign had not been found, he said the group wouldn’t have replaced it because it would likely have been stolen again.

More information on the event can be found here. The cost for registration is $25. The Front Runner Dallas walking and running group meets Saturday mornings at 8:30 at the statue of Robert E. Lee in Lee Park. Volunteers for the event can sign up on the website.