The Dallas Voice Speak Out Poll this week asks our readers to chime in on which LGBT issue should be the top prioity for the new president and our community when Barack Obama takes office next month.

The four choices we offered are the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, marriage, the military’s “Don’t ask don’t tell policy” or hate crimes. Only 109 people have voted so far, but I have to admit I was surprised that so far most people are saying marriage should be first on the list (41 percent).

Hate crimes are second with 35 percent, ENDA third at 24 percent and DADT is dead last with 0 percent.

I honestly thought more people would be concerned with prohibiting discrimination in employment, and I thought the military issues would get more attention, too.

Go on over to the home page and vote in the poll. I’d like to get a broader array of opinions than just 109 people.odnomonsterпродвижение сайтов заказать