Nathan Castaneda (Photo by Tabitha Russell)

We’re still holding our breath for Wentworth Miller to come out during gay Pride month. But in the meantime, “Prison Break” just added an openly queer actor: Nathan Castaneda, pictured.

Castaneda and his partner, Robert Ille, are part-owners of Veracruz Cafe (LOVE that chicken mole!).

Last season, Castaneda landed the role of “Mariano” in episode 310, “Dirt Nap,” which is available on-demand on the FOX website for free (FYI: you have to install their player).

The new season won’t be filmed in Dallas — they’re moving production to California. But Castaneda was called to revive his role for at least one more episode. He starts filming May 31. All of his scenes are with Robert Knepper, the show’s gloriously wicked “T-Bag.”как добавит сайт в googleрекламные агентства минска